Home Remedies for Ringing in the Ears?


Ringing in the ear is a condition known as to tinnitus where one feels vibrations or hissing of sound when in the external surrounding are quiet. It is caused by bacterial infection in the auditory nerves, long term allergies and tumours that mostly occur in old age. Home remedies include; increase pineapple and garlic intake, mix one teaspoon with salt, water and glycerine and drip each nostril until it reaches the back of your throat three times a day.
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After a hot shower, your earwax should soften. This is an ideal time to gently go over your outer ear and the rim of your ear canal with a cotton swab. This removes old wax, making
Some ringing in the ears occurs as a result of hearing loud noise and will subside after a period of time; but sometimes the damage is permanent and cannot be fixed. Turning on the
To help with Tinnitus (ringing ears) put the palms of your hands over your ears.
A deficiency in manganese (that's not magnesium) causes ringing in the ears (tinnitus) Make sure you are eating healthy, including plenty of foods with manganese (pineapple being
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Tinnitus Treatment
Your doctor will treat any underlying medical conditions causing your tinnitus. Blood vessel abnormalities will be corrected, and excess earwax can be removed. If medications are contributing to your tinnitus, your doctor may switch your... More »
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You can using hot water in a bottle and place the hot bottle under the neck while sleeping. The bottle is compressed and increases the flow of blood to flow from the brain to the ears. Use of oils is like rosemary is another remedy and this works by mixing oil to hot water and covering your head to inhale the vapour from the mixture.
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