What are some home remedies for dealing with roaches?


Rid a house infested with roaches by using boric acid, catnip, soapy water or bay leaves, according to Home Remedies Central. While some methods work to repel and others work to kill roaches, an integrated approach combining two or more home remedies can provide the best results in getting rid of this pest problem for good.

Boric acid is an effective killer of roaches, and can work to kill a whole infestation when it is tracked back into the nest. Sweeten the bait by mixing boric acid with sugar to attract the roaches, and place the mixture on the top of cabinets. Keep boric acid out of the range of pets and children, as it is toxic when ingested.

Catnip and bay leaves are natural repellent of roaches. Place pieces of catnip around areas where roaches are present or nesting, or boil the leaves to create a liquid that can be sprayed around the house. Because this is an attractant to cats, this method should not be used in homes with feline friends. Break bay leaves in small pieces and scatter them around the house where roaches are common.

Soapy water is an effective roach killer, as it suffocates the roaches by blocking its pores used for breathing. Keep a bottle of soapy water on hand to spray roaches when visible.

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Sprinkling a small amount of boric acid where you've seen roaches travel through
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use insect sprays that kill roaches and other pests.
1. Mix 1 part boric acid, 2 parts flour and 1 part cocoa to make a boric acid dust. This is less dangerous then many insecticides, but can still be toxic to kids and pets. Scatter
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Home Remedies for Roaches
Roaches are a nuisance. Nobody would argue with that point. Many homeowners, though, prefer not to use expensive, toxic pesticides to get rid of the nasty little critters. A number of remedies for a roach problem may be no further away than kitchen or... More »
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