What are some home remedies for static hair?


Rubbing a dryer sheet along combs and brushes or rubbing the dryer sheet on the hair can get rid of static. Additional remedies include rubbing hand lotion on the hair.

Purchasing a humidifier and turning it on to increase the moisture in the room can reduce and eliminate static in the hair. It may also be helpful to apply hairspray on a brush and brushing the hair while it's still damp. Since plastic combs can also contribute to static, it's best to use combs that are made from metal or rubber. A conditioner that contains silicone can also prevent frizziness and static.

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rub a dryer sheet on your hair. or, this one will sound gross and only sometimes works on really staticy hair, put lotion on your hands and when you still have a LITTLE bit left [
all u have to do is pull it out with tweezers.
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Home Remedy for Static Hair
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