Are there home remedies to get rid of crickets?


Home remedies to get rid of crickets include keeping grass and weeds away from the sides of the house. The drains and gutters should also be kept clean and free of water or debris. The lawn should be mowed frequently. Any outside cracks or small openings should be sealed up to prevent the crickets from getting into the house or garage. Diatomaceous earth can be sprinkled in the corners of the house or garage to kill the crickets. A small jar of molasses can be placed in areas of cricket infestation. The molasses will attract the crickets, and they will fall into the jar and die.
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To get rid of crickets, get a box of 20 Mule Team Borax and sprinkle
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The best home remedy is to avoid getting sick - however if you feel a cold coming, or are around people with colds, try taking Zicam (homeopathic remedy sold at most grocery stores)
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Home Remedy to Get Rid of Crickets
Don't let crickets in your home keep you up at night. Making your home inaccessible to crickets is the best defense against them. Fill in any spaces where they might get in and get rid of their favorite hiding and breeding spots. When they are already... More »
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