How do you get rid of tapeworms in cats?


According to VCA Animal Hospitals, prescription tablets or injections are the best way to get rid of tapeworms in cats. states that only one treatment is needed to kill both adults and eggs.

WebMD notes that praziquantal, fenbendazole and espiprantal are effective drugs for deworming cats. However, to prevent a recurrence of the infection, other steps must be taken. Two types of tapeworm are spread by fleas and lice, so these pests must be controlled within the home, in the environment and on the cat. Another form of tapeworm is transmitted when cats eat rodents, raw meat, freshwater fish or animal carcasses. Therefore, hunting and scavenging behaviors should be stopped.

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1. Take your cat to the vet. There are many different species of tapeworms that can infect cats and some species are killed easier by specific medications. Bring a recent stool sample
Is there a home remedies that I can use to keep outside cats out of my yard and stuff.
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Talk to your vet. There are no home remedies. Garlic is more likely to kill your cat than only kill the tapeworms. There are OTC remedies but they don't work either and can also be
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