How Do I Keep Bugs off My Tomato Plants?


Keeping bugs off your tomato plants can be easily, safely and effectively made at home. Just pour some liquid soap or canola oil in a small bucket and add water to the bucket and stir the two ingredients. Fill a spray bottle with your home made insect killer. Spray the bugs on your tomato plants first thing in the morning since insects are more sluggish early in the morning. Repeat each morning until you no longer spot bugs on the tomato plant leaves.
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1. Pour some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. Dab the cotton ball on any bugs you see. This works if you only have a few bugs in your garden. 2. Place garlic and hot peppers in a
Bugs will suffocate when covered in
Spray them with dish water, just soap, water and a little food particles will keep those plants nice and healthy!
I've heard that chewing tobacco soaked with water and sprayed on your plants will keep a lot of bugs off them. Nicotine is an insectacide.
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