Home Remedy for Shoe Stretching?


If your shoes are a bit too tight, there is a home remedy for shoe stretching. It could stretch your shoes by about a 1/2 size. You will need a freezer bag, water, a freezer, shoe trees and the shoes.
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1. Put a dab of rubbing alcohol on the cotton swab, make sure it is wet but not soaked. 2. Rub it on the interior part of the shoe that you want stretched and wear the shoe. 3. Wear
thick, big socks, and just wear them around the house for the day.
Let me tell you, the best thing ever for stretch marks is Palmer's coco
Cocoa butter is said to lessen the appearance of stretch marks, but only laser treatments have been shown to remove them.
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Home Remedy to Stretch Shoes
The day after buying that perfect pair of shoes, you put them on and discover they're too tight. You can return them, take them to a shoe repair shop for a professional stretching or save some money and stretch them yourself. Most leather shoes have... More »
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