Home Remedy for Spider Mites on Plants?


Spider mites are common pest problems on many plants. To get rid of spider mites on plants, spray garden walkways if dusty, spray plants with water to know where the mites live, apply an insecticidal soap by making sure you follow instructions on the package. Prepare a homemade insecticide as an alternative by mixing one tablespoon of canola oil with a few drops of Ivory soap. Shake the solution well before applying to plants in a spray bottle. To know more about home remedies for getting rid of spider mites follow link
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1. Spray garden walkways and other areas with water, particularly if they are dusty. Mites thrive in hot, dusty conditions. 2. Forcefully spray plants with plain water, paying special
1. Allow the air in your greenhouse (if applicable) to circulate. Ad. 2. Install screening over any open windows (if applicable) to prevent bugs and insects from entering. 3. Remove
Here is the Integrated Pest Management notes on Spider mites from UC Davis - http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/PESTNOTES….
Spider mites are very small, usually invisible to the naked eye, they look like dust on the back of your leaves. A large bug that looked like a crab or spider might be this, a crab
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Home Remedy for Spider Mites on Plants
Spider mites are tiny, but their effect on a plant is dramatic. These minuscule bugs (less than half a millimeter long) feed on the nutrients inside of plant cells and can infest a plant before you even notice something is wrong. Although the bugs are... More »
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