Home Treatment for a Sebaceous Cyst?


A sebaceous cyst is also known as a epidermoid cyst. It is filled with oily substances and usually come from swollen hair follicles. Although they are not harmful to your health, it may be desired to remove the cyst. A home treatment for a sebaceous cyst is using a heating pad or warm wet towel on it three or four times a day. Do not use oily products, since it may make the cyst worse. Instead, clean it daily with an antibacterial soap.
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In the majority of cases, pilar cysts have no symptoms and don’t need any
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Sebaceous Cyst Treatment
Your doctor can treat a cyst by draining it or by surgically removing it. Normally, cysts are removed. This is not because they are dangerous but rather for cosmetic reasons. Since most cysts are not harmful to your health, your doctor will allow. . . More »
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