What are some popular homecoming activities at Cornell University?


Cornell University offers so many activities for their homecoming that they can be an inspiration to other schools. Everything from the traditional homecoming football game to a glee club concert are included in their weekend schedule of activities.
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1. Know that you don't have to start from scratch when planning homecoming activities; there are plenty of time-tested themed activities to build spirit during homecoming week. Web
Usually homecoming activities include a bonfire, an alumni reception, a spirit
This isn't really creative or original, but it's definitely fun. Last homecoming, my school made one of those classic booths where you get to throw pies at teachers. They got the
Homecoming activities change from year to year, but typically the things on campus are Homecoming Tournaments, Yell Like Hell, Law Displays, Community Service Events, Food on Campus
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Ideas for Homecoming Activities
Homecoming is usually held in the fall and revolves around former students coming home to watch a game and cheer on their alma matter. During homecoming week, it is traditional for activities to be held to celebrate previous graduates returning home for... More »
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Homecoming Activities can be planned by first visiting websites like Party411 where you can pick up general ideas to help you or looking in old year books to see ...
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