How to String a Homelite Weedeater?


There are a variety of Homelite weedeaters to choose from. Home Depot sells one for $95 as of February 2013. It is a 2-cycle 26 cc trimmer and has a straight shaft.
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1. Turn the Homelite trimmer upside down and locate the string head on the end of the long metal shaft. The string comes out of the string head. 2. Hold the string head with one hand
you might have stail fuel in it or theres no spark or you might have striped the pistons you can check by taking of the exughst and looking in.
Gap is set to .030
If you have tried searching homelite with no luck you might try ehow and I think there is also a site called "manuals online" You will need your model # and sometimes serial
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Home Depot sells the Homelite 2-cycle 26 cc straight shaft gas trimmer for $94.94. This weed cutter has a clutched engine design, and the 2-cycle engine gives it power. It features a cutting swath that is 17 inches wide to speed up the cutting process, and a straight shaft that makes maneuvering around obstacles easy. Other features include an anti-vibration design that is great for reducing fatigue if one has to use it for an extended period of time, and a 55 inch shaft, so there is more than enough reach.
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