How to Make Homemade Aluminum Polish Cleaner?


Making a homemade polish to clean aluminum is much easier than you may think and contains less chemicals than store bought. On an outside grill or stovetop, pour about a quart of mineral spirits into an old pot over a low flame. Break up a brick of buffing compound into several pieces and add to the pot while stirring. When it is dissolved, cool overnight and add ammonia a little bit at a time before using.
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Brighten aluminum utensils by by boiling either 1 to 2 teaspoons cream of tartar per
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Homemade Aluminum Cleaner
Aluminum, like any other household surface, requires cleaning from time to time. A few cleaning products on the market effectively clean aluminum surfaces, but these can most times be high-priced items that are not suitable to our budget. Instead, make a... More »
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