Homemade Batman Costume?


To make a homemade Batman costume, find fabric that looks like a typical batman outfit (grays and blacks, fabric of choice) and assemble to costume from sewing by comparing work against pictures of the character, or from a template.
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Homemade Batman Costume
You can easily assemble and construct your own Batman costume. Choose which version of Batman you will be patterning your style after and pay attention to details. Line your utility belt with toys for an authentic look and comedic fantasy play. Once your... More »
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Get a black spandex body suite. Put some padding in the chest to make it look like muscles. Add a flowing black cape, a pair of yellow underwear on top of the tights and a black mask
1. Cut a wide belt from faux leather. Attach a piece of Velcro to the ends to connect the belt around your waist. Spray paint the belt gold. 2. Make the oval-shaped belt buckle from
1 Find the batman mask . it can be sold anywhere in goodwill desert industries or anywhere like that if you see it buy it and put it on to see if it fits your head. 2 Find some batman
Try doing what I did. you can go to a thrift store and put together your own costume.you can call it what ever you want. It will be very original and people may even ask where you
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An easy way to make a Batman costume is to use a pair of red sleepers. Embroider or iron a batman logo on the chest. Add a pair of shorts over the bottoms, and ...
Making a Batman costume is fun and easy. Use some face paint to cover the top half of your face with a mask, and get some blue fabric for a cape. Use some orange ...
1. Get a black turtle-neck, black sweats, black rain boots,2 pieces of fine white mesh, two pieces of fabric for the mask, red bat-shaped fabric. 2. On the chest ...
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