Homemade Bee Costume?


To make an easy bee costume at home, someone needs to get black felt and cut it into strips. The felt then needs to be carefully ironed onto a yellow hooded sweatshirt with iron-on tape. Someone can then add eyes to the hood and a point at the bottom of the sweatshirt for a stinger. White wings can be bought separately or made with tissue paper.
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1. Apply strips of black electrical tape to a yellow shirt to create stripes for your bumblebee costume. Avoiding wrapping the tape around the entire shirt because that will prevent
black and yellow strip shirt,leggings,little wings,and yea.
1. See if your dog's head fits through the hole in the shirt. If not, then cut the shirt's opening wider so as to fit your dog's head inside. If the shirt is too loose on your doggy
You can go "headless" by putting on Styrofoam shoulders and wearing big clothes -
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Homemade Bee Costume
Bumble bee costumes can be warn by costume partygoers or trick-or-treaters of any age. In fact, this is a good costume for a group, family or couple who wants to dress alike. Store-bought bumble bee costumes can be either overpriced or too revealing, so... More »
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