Homemade Bird Traps?


Birds can sometimes be a pest on a property, especially if they nest and ruin plants that you want to bloom. You can make homemade bird traps to safely trap them and release them to either animal control or a better place. A simple way to make a bird trap is to use a mouse trap, sturdy (preferably plastic) box, and wire. Prop up the box with the mouse trap at the base, and string the wire through the top of the box. After angling it, it should fall on the bird when it is attracted to the food on the mouse trap.
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How to Make a Homemade Bird Trap
Birds can move rather quickly when they spot danger. You might have learned the hard way that trying to catch them with your bare hands may be nearly impossible and might even result in scaring the bird away for good. Whether you're trying to catch your... More »
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