What is a homemade chastity belt?


Traditionally, chastity belts were devices used to prevent someone from having sexual intercourse. This was in conservative times of the Crusades, and was used to prevent masturbation, rape, or temptation for sex. Nowadays, it is used in BDSM play, which is a fetish. Chastity belts bought at sex stores can cost around $100. Before committing to such an expensive product, you can make homemade chastity belts out of plastic and acrylic. After trying it out, you may decide to either keep the homemade belt or buy one from a store.
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Though many people have images of medieval women wearing chastity belts to prevent them from having sexual intercourse while their husbands were out fighting the Crusades, the contraptions
There's a lot of evidence to suggest that the chastity belt is like the Iron Maiden and other popular torture devices that have their origins in the Victorian era. The Victorians
Go to Home Depot and look in the pvc pipe section. Find a curved pipe the fits your willie then find a way to lock it in place.
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