Homemade Clown Costume?


Clowns are a type of performer whose main purpose is to entertain. They usually are painted white and wear outrageous costumes that are very colorful. Some parents wish to perform as clowns at their children's parties or people may wish to go as a clown for Halloween. A homemade clown costume can be made in those cases. Clown costumes are very versatile and you can use any bright clothes as the clothing. You will then need to either dye your hair or get a wig for outrageous hair colors and you must get a stereotypical red nose.
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1. Wear oversized clothes. Putting together the base of a clown costume is as simple as wearing oversized clothes. You can get them from someone you know, or you can pick up an outfit
Try doing what I did. you can go to a thrift store and put together your own costume.you can call it what ever you want. It will be very original and people may even ask where you
Wear converses and try and make the jewellery she wears in the films. You can also go to the link in related links and buy Luna Lovegood items. Wear mismatched clothes, make or buy
1. Create Popeye's arms. Cut lengths of quilt batting the length of your arms. Secure the quilt batting at the wrist and around the upper arm using medical tape. Use medical tape
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Homemade Clown Costumes
Homemade clown costumes are easy to make because almost anything goes for this look. You can be as wild and creative as your imagination and budget allow. Go with a traditional look, or create a theme such as a pirate clown. Most of all, have fun... More »
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