Homemade Coffee Filter?


One way to make a homemade coffee filter is to use a sturdy paper towel, folded in half twice. Place it in your coffee maker and then proceed to make your coffee like normal.
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Find a paper towel. Paper towels work better than paper napkins. If you do not have a paper towel, use a clean piece of material. Make a cone out of the paper towel. Do the same if
1. Select one or more of the following methods that work best for you: Touch a small piece of rolled-up masking tape (sticky side up) to the outside of the bottom filter. The base
I've tried paper towels before when I was desperate. Pretty sure it made my coffee have a 'taste.
Coffee filters keep the coffee grounds from falling into the finished coffee during brewing. Coffee grounds are necessary for percolating, but are not good to drink because they have
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Homemade Coffee Filters
Almost all standard coffee makers require a coffee filter. However, this doesn't mean that running out of store-bought paper filters should keep your from brewing coffee. Homemade filters, made of either cloth or paper towels, work well in a pinch. Cloth... More »
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