Homemade Cowgirl Costume?


To make an easy homemade cowgirl costume, put on a button-up shirt. Put on a leather jacket or vest.  Finally, put on leather boots and a cowgirl hat.
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First, dress child in jeans and shirt. Put on boots. Twist bandana into rope and tie around neck. Next, put hat on child's head. Pin star to child jacket, coil rope into circle and
That's a really cute idea : You should wear a torn, short denim skirt- kind of A&F-like. See if you can find some boots, maybe at a Thrift Store or Marshall's/TJ Maxx, etc.
1 See if your dog's head fits through the hole in the shirt. If not, then cut the shirt's opening wider so as to fit your dog's head inside. If the shirt is too loose on your doggy,
To find a cowgirl outfit in New York, check out costume or party stores. They tend to carry costumes year round, not just at Halloween when they're more in demand.
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Homemade Cowgirl Costume Ideas
For a girl who wants to ride a pony or a woman ready to rule the Wild West, a cowgirl makes a great Halloween costume. Along with looking fantastic, a cowgirl costume is also fairly easy to put together, often with pieces that can be found in anyone's... More »
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