How do you make a homemade dog water feeder?


In order to make a homemade dog water and feeder you will need a 1 gallon bucket, drill and bits and a larger planter tray. Begin by painting the bucket if desired and let it dry. You will then need to drill a 1/4 inch hole in the bottom of the bucket.
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1. Drill a 1/4-inch hole near the bottom of the gallon bucket. The hole has to be lower than the top of the planter tray. 2. Place the bucket inside the large planter tray. 3. Cover
In order to make this feeder, you will need a mostly flat piece of wood that is appropriate for outdoor use. It should be at least six inches wide. In addition, you will need small
You can make homemade dog treats by combining peanut butter and flour. Roll out and use cookie cutters to make shapes. Place on a baking sheet, add cinnamon and bake until done.
Maybe a straw.
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Homemade Dog Feeder
Making a homemade dog feeder can help you recycle old materials that you no longer use. A homemade dog feeder has more character than one you can buy in the store. It is also a creative exercise.Making your own feeder provides you with a creative project... More »
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