Homemade Drawing Salve?


There are a variety of different good drawing salves. A good example would be black salve. Unfortunately, it has a bad odor. You can use it for boils and splinters.
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Black salve is a great drawing salve. It is thick and has a nasty odor to it. It can be used for splinters and boils. There are many different brands of this salve and most can be
1. Infused oils are used for skin care and cooking. Pour 1 cup olive oil into a glass jar. Add 1/3 cup fresh herbs. Use the herbs of your choice to make your salve, such as chamomile
Apply to affected area once or twice daily. A loose bandage may be applied. Avoid prolonged exposure to excessive heat.
The drawing salve seeps into the tissue, and the most active ingredient, Ichthammol,
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Homemade Drawing Salve
The purpose of a drawing salve is to rid impurities or small foreign bodies from the skin. Drawing salves are often used to remove splinters, bee stings and the toxins in boils, for example. Though drawing salves can be purchased in stores, homemade... More »
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A boil drawing salve is a special salve used to draw out the infection in the boil and help heal it. Clean the area thoroughly and pat dry. Apply the salve liberally ...
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