How to Make a Homemade Fog Machine with Dry Ice?


You can make a dry ice fog or smoke machine at home. You need a Styrofoam or similar container, duct tape, and a rubber tube as well as a block of dry ice and water. The tube needs to be run through a hole in the side of the cooler and secured with tape and then your homemade fog machine is ready to go. Boil the water and pour into the cooler, carefully drop the dry ice in with tongs, and the smoke will begin.
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Whether you're putting on a theater production, a Halloween show or making a low-budget movie, dry ice lets you make a non-toxic fog machine at home. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide
Fog machines: Not found everywhere. No age requirement. No harm to skin unless allergic. Dry Ice: Found in grocery store. 18 years or older. Causes skin burns if left on skin.
What You Need- Full can of duster- Metal cylinder not aluminum- Compactor -Duct tape. More?
I'm assuming that you have an electric ice cream machine, like a Cuisinart. First you put the freezer container in the freezer overnight. Then you mix your ingredients, put the ingredients
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