How to Make Enzyme Cleaner?


You can make a good homemade, fruit-based enzyme cleaner. The cleaner will have lemon, linme, pineapple, or orange peels. You can add vinegar, or baking soda, if you like, or essential oils. Yeast helps to make the product ready within two weeks. Label the bottle with enzyme cleaner.
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1. Place 300 grams of citrus scraps into the bottle. If they do not fit through the mouth of the bottle feel free to cut the scraps into smaller pieces. 2. Add 100 grams of brown
An enzyme cleaner (n. is an extra-strength cleaner, used weekly, to remove stubborn
Find and clean a small spray bottle that holds about 1 cup of liquid. 1/4 cup of white distilled vinegar mixed with 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol and 1/2 cup of water. Shake well, apply
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Homemade Enzyme Cleaner
An enzyme cleaner contains proteins that are produced by bacteria that can clean up oily spills by breaking down the oils, as well as clean up pet urine smells by essentially eating the bacteria that produces the smell. According to All Star Floor Care,... More »
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