How is homemade fly repellent for dogs made?


There are many options available for making a homemade fly repellent for dogs. The simplest recipe contains just two ingredients: apple cider vinegar and water. This repellent works both when applied topically or when ingested by the dog. You may also choose a non-toxic mix of essential oils. You need a spray bottle and a clean cloth.

  1. Select one or more essential oils

    Idaho tansy, geranium, sandalwood, lavender, rosemary and lemon essential oils have natural repellent qualities without containing the harmful chemicals that are present in most commercial fly sprays.

  2. Fill a clean 32-ounce spray bottle with distilled water

    Distilled water can be purchased at most grocery or drug stores.

  3. Add five to 10 drops of the selected essential oil to the spray bottle of water and shake well

    It is important to dilute the oil, as applying it directly to the dog's fur or skin while it is undiluted can cause irritation.

  4. Apply the solution onto the dog

    Spray the solution on the dog's ears and face, but make sure you avoid the eyes, mouth and nose as you are spraying. Use a damp cloth to dab, rather than spray, the areas around the ears, eyes, nose and mouth.

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1. Pour two cups of water into a spray bottle, followed by either 1/4 cup of white vinegar, or two teaspoons of garlic powder. Either will work as a repellent that will keep biting
There are certain natural alternatives: citronella oil(There is an all natural citronella spray that they use for horses that you could use on a dog and it's safe. eucalyptus oil.
2 cups water and 1/4 cup of white vinegar or a citronella spray.
Place 1 cup white vinegar and a squirt of liquid soap in a ziploc bag. Hang by a nail through bag. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 10:38AM EST. Source:
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Homemade Fly Repellent for Dogs
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