How do you make a homemade fog machine?


A fog machine is used to create a smoky atmosphere, especially for dances and Halloween parties. Machines as cheap as $30 can be bought and the juice for the machine costs around $20. To make a homemade fog machine, all you need is a large PVC pipe with holes drilled in it. You will need to pack it with dry ice, taking care not to burn yourself. You can then set up the pipe in the area that needs fog.
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Whether you're putting on a theater production, a Halloween show or making a low-budget movie, dry ice lets you make a non-toxic fog machine at home. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide
The best homemade fog machine I saw was an old fashioned foam cooler filled with dry ice. To make the fog, add hot water and stand back. The billows are spectacular.
In addition to a treasure trove of Halloween decorations, pumpkins, and tasty treats, Halloween homemade fog is a very cool way to go the extra mile. There are several ways to do
The fog machine is very simple - blow compressed air into mineral oil and it vaporizes into fog. I made mine from a plastic food bucket of about 2 gallons capacity that has a snap
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Homemade Fog Machine
No Halloween party or extreme stage show is complete without a lot of fog. Fog machines are increasingly becoming easier to rent, but what if you can't find one in your part of town? Here are a few simple steps that will have you churning out a San... More »
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You can make a dry ice fog or smoke machine at home. You need a Styrofoam or similar container, duct tape, and a rubber tube as well as a block of dry ice and ...
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To make fogged juice, you will need distilled water which you will mix with glycerine. After that set up the fog machine that will be used for heating. ...
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