Homemade Gnat Repellent?


Gnats are an insect that are in the fly family. These insects are small and annoying, so there are products that you can purchase at the store to get rid of them. A homemade repellent will do the trick just as well. There are several different things that you can mix with water that will repel the gnats from your body. Some of these things that you can use in your mixture are vanilla, baby oil, citrus juice, peppermint, citronella, and pine.
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Homemade Gnat Repellent
"Gnats" colloquially refers to any of several types of small flies that bite, swarm or otherwise annoy humans, including midges, black flies and fruit flies. While many commercial repellents, often DEET-based, are on the market, some simple homemade... More »
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1. This really is too easy to be believable but trust me it is. My husband was suffering from bug bombardment while working on the car and this simple trick saved the day! This is
Elephant spray, smelly candles and oranges.
A proven homemade deer repellant that you spray right on the plants. Combine in a blender; one whole egg, one cup of milk, a few tablespoons of cooking oil and one tablespoon of liquid
Chemical varieties are readily available as are organic, natural and environmentally safe
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Vinegar repels gnats, so you can dilute some in a spray bottle and spray gnat clouds or treat outdoor areas prone to gnats. Some research also suggests that carrying ...
You want to find a way to repel the gnats that are always buzzing around your bowl of fruit. One way to repel gnats is with a plastic jug and some vinegar. Take ...
1. Do the vinegar trap. Prepare an old plastic bottle and poke holes on its cap. Put some vinegar on the bottle but do not fill it up all the way. Leave a little ...
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