Homemade Hairball Remedy?


There are many types of homemade hairball remedies out there for animals. Fish oil is a natural remedy that can be given to your cat once a day. It is a natural lubricant that will help to eliminate the need for a cat to vomit up hairballs.
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Sometimes a hairball remedy is necessary to deal with problematic hairballs. Hairballs are more common in longhaired breeds, but can happen to any cat. Your cat's natural response
1. All cats get hairballs at some time or another. Offer your cat a spoonful of softened butter to help lubricate the hairball, making it easier to vomit up. Other remedies that can
Regular grooming, even just a little bit every few days, removes the loose hairs that
1. Liquidize pomegranate. Ad. 2. Add pulp and juice to water. 3. Mix well by stirring. 4. Add sugar according to taste requirements. 5. This quantity is sufficient for 3 drinks. 6
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Homemade Cat Hairball Remedy
Cats groom themselves several times a day not only because they are clean animals by nature, but also as a means of removing the loose hairs that accumulate. Due to the frequency of their grooming, cats will often get hairballs as the hairs collect in... More »
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