Homemade Indoor Tanning Lotion?


In order to make your own homemade indoor tanning lotion, you will need some pure cocoa powder and some white lotion. Add the cocoa powder to the lotion and stir until thoroughly incorporated or you get the color you want. Now all you need to do is put the lotion in a bottle with a pump on it.
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1. Select your favorite tanning lotion ingredients. You can pair up tried and true ingredient combinations or make up your own, but most consist of a base and a dye. A few common
Cypher by California Tan is awesome.
Suprer Skin Systems tinted Essential Daily Moisturizer 2 is the best indoor
It's in a red bottle and theres like words all over it. IT'S AMAZING. You put it all over you (as usual) And while your in the tanning bed you can feel this tingling feeling. But
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How to Make Homemade Indoor Tanning Lotion
You can make your own homemade indoor tanning lotion---you can even make it organic, if you want to. With these simple steps, you can avoid a potentially hazardous beauty treatment---tanning---into a healthy experience that leaves you glowing a natural... More »
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