How can you make homemade leather conditioner?


Leather conditioner is a solution used to soften leather so that it is stronger and more durable. Sprays can be bought at stores for around $10. However, homemade leather conditioners can be cheaper and also double as a cleaner. To make it, you need distilled white vinegar and either flaxseed oil, linseed oil, or olive oil. After mixing the ingredients together, you should store the conditioner in a glass bottle. Before use, shake well and use a cloth to apply the conditioner on the leather.
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When leather is commercially tanned, one of the final steps is to treat the skins with special oils that will give the hide the desired softness, flexibility and strength. These emulsions
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Mix 3 Tbsps of real lime juice with. 1/4 cup coconut oil. This is a great. conditioner that also works wonders for. people with itchy. scalps or for those with dandruff.
For a deep conditioner. Put 1 small jar of real mayonnaise and /2 of an avocado
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Homemade Leather Conditioners
Keeping your leather items clean and in good condition does not require buying special products. Leather furniture, shoes or clothing will benefit from regular conditioning and cleaning. There are simple, effective formulas for homemade leather... More »
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