How to Make a Homemade Spy Listening Device?


A person can make a homemade spy listening device by connecting the condenser microphone. The homemade listening device should be placed in a vase. Some flowers can cover up the listening device.
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1. Turn on your mobile phone, and go to the "Main Menu. From there, go to "Profile Settings, and set the profile to "Silent Mode. Turn the "Vibrate" setting
1. Get 2 walkie talkies, one for yourself and one to place in a room. Ad. 2. Take the walkie talkie that you are not using and get masking tape. 3. Hold down the talk button on the
A screwdriver will work for making holes in the ground to plant seeds.
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Homemade Listening Device
Tin can phones are listening devices you can make at home that work fairly well. They're made with two tin cans and a length of string. Paper cups also make excellent "receivers." The vibrations sent through one end of the phone travel along the string... More »
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Bugging or listening devices are commonly used in spy movies for espionage. However, you can make homemade bugging devices without having to spend a fortune at ...
A homemade tracking device is easy to make if you have a smartphone and unlimited data plan. Load GPS tracking software available online. Once you've signed in ...
There is really no way of knowing if you have a listening device in your home unless you purchase something to look for it or if you look for it yourself. ...
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