Homemade Lock Picks?


Homemade lock picks are easy to make because they are cheap and the materials used are easy to find. For example, get a paper clip and hammer its straight end out until its flat, then insert the flat tip of a paper clip into a lock to use as a lock pick. The bent catches inside the lock are helpful in applying pressure to turn the lock.
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The first thing to do is get a hold of some lock pick templates.These will help you immensely in making your picks more accurate. You can find some at Locksmith-lockpick.com on the
There is an easy way to pick a combination lock. Bring a flashlight and face it on your lock. Try to see a small hole or a small ball which it will be on the right side or the numbers
1. Make sure your lock is very simple, like the ones you get by putting a quarter in a "Get money quick" machine used by toy companies. Ad. 2. Make sure the back of the
Understand how your lock works. The pin-and-tumbler lock consists of a cylinder that can rotate within its housing (see illustrations below) When locked, the cylinder is kept in place
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