How do you make a homemade pantry moth trap?


Moths can cause damage in your home by destroying clothing or infesting dry goods in your pantry. To make a homemade pantry moth trap you can use boric acid and cornmeal. Use a one to three ratio of boric acid and cornmeal then play in jar lids and place lids in the pantry and cupboards. Cedar chips tied in cheesecloth and placed in cabinets will also repel moths.
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1. Locate the food source in your pantry. Inspect all the packages in the pantry and cupboards. Look for broken or cracked packages. Remove the source as soon as possible. Dispose
1. Get a long and wide container. Ad. 2. Fill it with water. 3. Put some dish soap in it. 4. Place a bright reading lamp or UV light so that it shines in the water and reflects. Ad.
One way to trap moths is by using a molasses mixture. You will need molasses, vinegar, and a yellow container. Mix one part molasses with two parts vinegar. For example, with six
A sheet with a sticky material on it, is palced in the field with a source of light for example bulbs, tubelights, torch etc. This needs to be done at night. The moths are attracted
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Homemade Moth Traps
Moths can be a detriment to your home if you find yourself with an infestation. Their larvae can destroy your clothes, especially the ones in the dirty laundry. Outside of the house, moths may be a nuisance as well. Getting rid of them may be ideal, but... More »
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