How can one make a homemade facial mud mask?


Facial mud masks offer many benefits, from controlling acne to soothing irritated skin. Homemade facial mud masks are simple to mix and often cost less than masks sold at beauty stores. According to, a clay mud mask is suitable for most skin types.

  1. Assemble the mask ingredients

    Gather together honey, green clay and water. Green clay is also known as bentonite or basic fuller's earth clay. To treat dry skin, substitute jojoba oil for the water. For combination skin, use milk or half and half instead. Include a favorite essential oil if desired.

  2. Mix the ingredients

    Mix one part clay to two parts water, milk or jojoba oil. More liquid may be added to thin the paste, while more clay powder may be added to thicken it according to your personal preference. Add a small amount of honey and a few drops of the essential oil of choice, if desired.

  3. Use the mask

    Apply the mask directly to the face and leave it on for 15 minutes for the best results. A steaming washcloth should be used to remove the mask. Refrain from using a washcloth that is too hot to prevent injuries. Any leftover clay may be stored in a sealed, airtight container for future applications.

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1. Mix French clay and kaolin clay together. If using the powder forms of clay, mix with water until smooth. Green clay can be substituted for French clay. 2. Add aloe vera gel, rosewater
A homemade mud mask should be made with all natural ingredients. Mixing baking soda, a banana, sour cream, maple syrup, as well as honey will produce excellent results.
People have been using mud masks for many years. It helps to replenish the skin and smooth some wrinkles. It is very relaxing as well. A lot of people go to the salon to have this
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