Homemade Odor Eliminator?


A person can make homemade odor eliminators by using dryer sheets and fabric softener. Vodka and vinegar should also be used. A spray bottle is needed.
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1. Place a few of your favorite scented dryer sheets in your heating vents, or behind your air conditioner vent. As the air blows out, so will the freshness. 2. Fill a spray bottle
To eliminate vaginal odor, see a doctor to rule out any infection or inflammation. Be sure to clean yourself daily, wear clean clothing, and eat right. To find more information click
1. Stay clean. This is one of the easiest ways to manage body odor and a simple one too. Bathing regularly eliminates the bacteria that causes body odor, but you can't just use water
1. Prepare the home by emptying all the garbage bins and taking them outside. Vacuum the carpets, turn off the heat and air-conditioning systems, and close the windows. 2. Spray Vamoose
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Homemade Odor Eliminators
Homemade solutions for odor removal. Learn how to neutralize, remove, and eliminate odors in this free housekeeping video.... More »
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