How do you make homemade pepper spray?


To make homemade pepper spray you will need a small spray bottle. You will also need some cayenne pepper, rubbing alcohol, and baby oil. To mix it, you will need a clean white cloth, and 2 small glasses. Mix the pepper and alcohol and then add the baby oil. Then place the cloth over the mixture and pour the contents through it, into the other glass. Once the mixture is strained, pour it into a clean spray bottle.
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1 Before you start making pepper spray, check to ensure that it is not illegal in your state to carry pepper spray. 2 Cayenne pepper is the main ingredient in commercial-grade pepper
Pepper spray is used as a self-defense tool. When you spray t in somebody's eyes it burs and they can not see long enough for you to get away from danger. You can also buy pepper
There are a lot of steps. Follow the link at the end of this message to view a
There are two major problems with home made pepper spray: 1. The concentration of capsaicin in your average food pepper is very low compared to pepper spray. Even Cheap pepper spray
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Homemade Pepper Spray
Pepper spray is a great weapon of self-defense to use when faced with a dangerous situation. Pepper spray is made out of the juice extracted from chili peppers. If sprayed on the face of a would-be attacker it can temporarily incapacitate him by causing... More »
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