Do I need homemade pool chemicals?


You do not need to make homemade pool chemicals. You can purchase them very cheap. They are bleach for chlorine, baking soda for alkalinity and borax for PH. They make the regular chemicals for a pool stronger so you will need to add more of the type from a grocery store.
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1. Use liquid bleach instead of pool shock or pool chlorine. The disinfecting agent sodium hypochlorite in liquid pool shock is also the ingredient in gallon jugs of household bleach
The stuff you'd use to make a firework at home are pretty much what a manufacturer would use. There is a link below, and a lot of serious reading is there or linked to that page.
"There are several components needed for pool chemistry; a dry or liquid chlorine along with a chlorine stabilizer, an acid for balancing pH, an algaecide to control and kill
Chlorine sanitizes the water and removes bacteria and other harmful contaminates. Add chlorine to the water by pouring liquid, sprinkling powder, installing an automatic chlorinator
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Homemade Pool Chemicals
Given the high cost of pool chemicals, many pool owners may wonder if household products can be substituted for commercial products solid in pool-supply stores. The answer is yes, as long as you understand what you're buying and know where to shop. These... More »
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Pool chemicals do not expire. However they do loose strength once the due date is passed. Always look at the use date before using the chemicals. ...
One does not need a fancy and expensive chemistry set to do chemical experiments. Contrarily one can use ingredients found in the home or some that are easy to ...
CYA is the acronym for Cyanuric Acid. This is chemical that acts as a stabiliser in swimming pools and helps to protect chlorine from breakdown due to ultraviolet ...
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