How to Make a Homemade Love Potion?


To make a homemade love potion, Slice small pieces of an apple in a dish containing sea salt, rosemary, thyme , cinnamon and add some rainwater. Heat and stir while reciting an ancient love poem, 'song of Solomon' for about 90 minutes. Package the portion in a jar and apply onto your pulse point's every day to attract the object of your affection. Some homemade Potions include, Health & healing portion, used for healing. Sex portion, ignites passion and lust. Prosperity portiion, are conductive to wealth and prospertiy.
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1. Collect rainwater in a crystal glass or vase the next time it rains. 2. Slice an apple into thin slices. Place the apple slices, rosemary, thyme, sea salt and cinnamon in a saucepan
who do you make home made potions.
two shards of rainbow, several unicorn eyeballs, some butterfly vomit, guinea pig hair and three drops of dragonfly sweat.
Gently stir these ingredients until combined. Store in an air-tight container with a firm-fitting lid. It will keep pretty much indefinitely.
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