How to Make a Pull up Bar?


To make a homemade pull up bar, you have two choices. You can make an over-the-door pull up bar or a wall mounted pull up bar. Before beginning, you will have to check your studs, using a stud finder, to be sure that they will support a pull up bar.
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1. Find a space in your home with two studs facing one another. The most common place is in a doorway. 2. Make sure the space can accommodate a metal pipe at least 6 inches from the
Pull Up Bar: one 40-inch long plumbing pipe, two L-shaped end joints, two
I use rings for dips, but sometimes I use sawhorses, which also are my safety pins for squats and bench. I attached a pulldown bar from a cheap home-gym to the ceiling joists as a
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Homemade Pull Up Bar
The pull-up--so easy in middle school but so challenging as an adult--is one of the most efficient ways to build upper body strength without having to invest in expensive gym memberships or cumbersome body-building apparatuses. Doing pull-ups builds... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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