How to Take Tarnish off of Brass?


There are many different homemade remedies to get tarnish off of brass. If not using a commercial product, it is best to test the home remedy on an inconspicuous area first. You can take the tarnish off of brass with white vinegar or ketchup safely.
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1. Immerse the brass fixture in a pan containing ammonia. Wipe large fixtures thoroughly with a cloth wash towel soaked in the ammonia. 2. Wash the brass fixture using a clean cloth
To remove tarnish from brass, cover the item with Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce or
How to Clean Brass. Test the piece with a magnet. If it sticks, it's not brass.Brass is an alloy of zinc, copper and, sometimes, other metals. Brass is often used for decorative purposes
You can use vinegar. The vinegar will break down the tarnish and make it much easier to wipe away. For extra cleaning power, warm the vinegar up first.
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A homemade dip cleaning solution to remove tarnish from brass is a simple mixture of 1 cup of ammonia combined with 8 cups of water. The cleaning should be done ...
There are many home remedy ways of cleaning brass, some more effective than others. The best way to clean brass certainly depends on how badly the brass is tarnished ...
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