How to Make a Homemade Toy Car Move with a Rubber Band?


You can make a homemade toy car move with a rubber band by winding the rubber band around the axle. Afterwards, you can let it go. As the rubber band comes undone, the car will be pushed forward.
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1. Use your paper and pencil to design your toy. This should include all parts, including moving parts and any section where your rubber band will be located. Rubber bands should
Consider building a Squirrel. It just needs tissue paper and balsa. Here's what a Squirrel looks like: Balsa wood can be purchased locally at any hobby
Cut out a four-inch wide circle from the lid of the
The easiest are a car, a plane or a toy gun. The trick is to attach a rubber band to either the wheels of the car or the propeller of the plane so that when you wind it up and let
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