How to Make Homemade Goose Decoys?


Homemade goose decoys are made by cutting out a bead of tires by using a box cutter into four similar sized parts of the tire. Finally paint the tread of tires gray. An example of a homemade goose decoy is a snow goose decoy, which has two different setups.
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1. Cut out one-foot-by-one-foot blocks of Styrofoam to be used as the bodies for your goose decoys. You will use one block for each decoy you make. 2. Using the marker, sketch the
Snow Goose Decoys can be found online for cheap from many different online stores. Some examples of stores with cheap Snow Good Decoys include Cabela's and David Morgan.
Ecno Series Blue Goose Decoys are $54.99/12 at Knutson's
Try at The sillosock snow goose feeder decoys there is priced $62.90. Send us your location for stores near you!
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1. Cut out the goose decoy bodies. Make the body 23 1/2 inches long and 13 inches wide. Make a pattern out of cardboard so that each body is exactly the same ( ...
To make homemade goose decoys, first cut out 1ft-by-1ft blocks of Styrofoam for the bodies for your goose decoys. Sketch the general outline of a goose body using ...
1. Find a huge body of water that lies next to a relatively open land. Trees may block your line of sight and prevent you from efficiently hunting your prey. Open ...
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