How do you make a sparrow trap?


It is not very hard to make a homemade sparrow trap. You will need plywood, plastic jugs and a jigsaw. You will need to cut the board to where it fits over the jugs.
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1. Cut two 18-inch pieces of cedar board, then cut them in half lengthwise to make two 18-by-5 5/8-inch sections. These pieces form the top and bottom of the trap. 2. Cut a 10-inch
1 Get some bait. Find something that attracts the animal you are trying to catch. Ad 2 Get a bucket. The best bucket is one with a removable handle. Then get some long string or fishing
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Put poisonous mushrooms and sugar in milk. Put it out for the night. Toadstools work best if cut up and poisons extracted through boiling.
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Homemade Sparrow Trap
Sparrows can create problems for native birds in an area by infringing on their feeding sites and nesting grounds. Homemade sparrow traps are relatively straight forward to make. Repeating sparrow traps are designed to be capable of trapping multiple... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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