How do you make a sparrow trap?


It is not very hard to make a homemade sparrow trap. You will need plywood, plastic jugs and a jigsaw. You will need to cut the board to where it fits over the jugs.
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1. Trap a large number of birds with a ground cage trap. Use a large cage that has two separate areas-one for live-bait sparrows and the second area for newly captured sparrows. There
Making a homemade turtle trap can be alot of fun to build. If you are having turtles this will be a sure way to cache the turtles. Turtles also make great pets. For more information
1. Get some bait. Find something that attracts the animal you are trying to catch. Ad. 2. Get a bucket. The best bucket is one with a removable handle. Then get some long string or
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Homemade Sparrow Trap
Sparrows can create problems for native birds in an area by infringing on their feeding sites and nesting grounds. Homemade sparrow traps are relatively straight forward to make. Repeating sparrow traps are designed to be capable of trapping multiple... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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