How do I make a model spray booth?


You can make a spray booth for models from materials available at most hardware stores. You need a plastic storage crate, an extractor fan, flexible hose, cable ties, screws, electrical wire, an on/off switch and a plug. For tools, you need wire cutters, a saw or knife and a screwdriver. The spray booth should take about 30 minutes to build.

  1. Wire the extractor fan

    First, wire the extractor fan to the switch and plug. Strip the ends of the electrical wire, and attach them to the fan, switch and plug. Take care to match the live and neutral wires properly.

  2. Cut a hole for the fan

    Set the plastic crate on an edge so the bottom of the crate becomes the back of the spray booth. Near one of the top corners on the back of the booth, cut a hole for the fan. Fit the fan into the hole, and secure it in place with several screws.

  3. Attach the hose

    Use cable ties to attach the length of hose to the rear of the fan. Use a long enough hose to vent the booth properly. An 8 foot long hose works in most situations. To use the booth, place it on a stable surface, vent the hose out a window or door, and turn on the fan in advance.

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