How do you make a tanning bed cleaner?


A good homemade tanning bed cleaner would be to mix water and vinegar together. Then spray it on the tanning bed. After you do that, wipe the tanning bed down with a cloth.
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1. Mix the white vinegar and the water in the spray bottle. You can simply pour both into the bottle, then put the lid back on and shake it vigorously. 2. Spray the tanning bed cleaner
It's not recommended to use household cleaners on a tanning bed bec...
Build a table. Place it in your yard. Voila!
Whether you own your own or are using a tanning bed at a salon, you want it to be clean. Disease prevention is the main thought about using a tanning bed cleaner, however there are
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Homemade Tanning Bed Cleaner
Tanning beds require maintenance and cleaning to prevent germs and bacteria from spreading to individuals using them. You do not have to purchase commercial cleaning solution because natural ingredients can be used to mix a batch of a homemade cleaning... More »
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