How can you make tanning lotion at home?


Tanning lotion is a substance used by people who wish to achieve darker skin. Tanning lotions accelerate the process by increasing melanin production or blood flow to the skin. You can either buy tanning lotion or have it homemade. To make it yourself, you need coconut oil, olive oil, Lanolin, and essential oil. All you need to do is mix together the ingredients and store in a jar. Use the tanning lotion before tanning either in the sun or in the salon.
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1. Select your favorite tanning lotion ingredients. You can pair up tried and true ingredient combinations or make up your own, but most consist of a base and a dye. A few common
Lotion is usually made from oil and water emulsified by some substance like cetearyl alcohol. In addition to these ingredients you may want to add fragrance, dyes and preservatives
I have heard that you find your favorite lotion and just add powdered coco to it a ta-da you have your tanning lotion. But it does not work, and comes on clumpy and unapealing. but,
Use your favorite white lotion and pure cocoa powder. Add cocoa powder to
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Homemade Tanning Lotions
Many sunbathers liberally use tanning lotion when outdoors. Not only does the lotion moisturize their skin and keep it looking smooth and healthy, it can also amplify the tanning process by including ingredients that increase the production of the skin... More »
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In order to make your own homemade indoor tanning lotion, you will need some pure cocoa powder and some white lotion. Add the cocoa powder to the lotion and stir ...
Some of the best sun tan lotions include; Riemann P20 Sunfilter, Calypso Sun Care or Calypso Sun Care. Sun tan lotions are essential to your body since they protect ...
A good indoor tanning lotion is one that is able to speed up the tanning process, by helping in the production of melanin. There are quite a number of indoor tanning ...
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