How can you make homemade tattoo ink?


For thousands of years before the first modern tattoo parlors, people around the world were practicing tattooing. For most of the history of tattooing, commercial inks were not available, and tattoo artists therefore had to gather and mix their own inks. While home tattooing is never a good idea, since modern tattoo parlors can offer more consistent results and safer practices, it is possible to mix your own tattoo ink today. Early tattoo inks were made using dark brown or black carbon ashes. You can obtain carbon ashes from thoroughly burned wood or paper.

To make your own ink, mix one cup of the carbon ashes with just enough vodka or water to create a slurry (while either can be used, vodka is preferred since it is a disinfectant). Mix these together in a blender for 15 minutes to an hour, and voila! You've just mixed your own tattoo ink.

Revel in your accomplishment, but, again, we don't recommend tattooing with the ink. The dangers of home tattooing include infection, punctured blood vessels, and, just as devastating, bad tattoos. Leave this one to the professionals, and keep in mind that commercial inks will give you cleaner results.
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