How Can You Break the Bead off a Tire without a Bead Breaker?


This is a device that can be used to remove tires from rims on automobiles or vehicles. The device is also called a bead buster, this device is used to separate the inside ring of a tire from the rim and seals it so the bead holds due to rust and the beads then break free where the tire and rim should be laid flat on the ground.
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The chance is that you'll ruin the bead without a bead
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On supermoto tires I use a flat ended shovel.They are about 6" wide.To protect the tire and rim I use a piece of rubber gas hose from a car the breaded kind.I cut open the hose
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Homemade Tire Bead Breaker
Air stays in the tire while in use because of a tight seal between the rubber of the tire and the rim. The area where the tire seals to the rim is called the bead. The bead must be broken away from the rim to change the tire. A bead breaker can be made... More »
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