How do you date a piece of Homer Laughlin china?


Find any writings like dates letters and trademark stamps clean the piece thoroughly for clarity. Figure out the numbers as needed for example; those dated after 1900 to 1910 have two numbers and a letter where the letter is the location of the factory, those with three numbers are made from 1910 to 1920 the last number stand for the factory and many others in their order. If in case one cannot read, the trade marks like; a horseshoe mark is for the year 1980. Homer Laughlin is started by two brothers Shakespeare and Homer Laughlin.
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1. Identify your plate by looking at its shape. Shape and treatment are both important identification factors when researching china. Treatment refers to the pattern, glaze color
Homer Laughlin china can be purchased from a variety of retailers. Some stores that sell china by Homer Laughlin include Wasserstrum, Instawares, and Zesco.
The Homer Laughlin China Co. is committed to making all of its
The hard way to go about it is going to antique shops or shows. An easier way is to do a web search. I just did and there are places that you can order it by pattern.
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