HON File Cabinet Keys?


If you misplaced your key or even lost it call the manufacture of the Hon filing cabinet. There they will be able to order you a new key to your Hon filing cabinet.
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1. Locate the lock number on the face of the filing cabinet lock, as well as the letter code. The number and code are stamped into the metal by the keyhole. You will need to supply
Research has shown that Hon file cabinets are available at Staples as well as online on Amazon. One can also visit the Hon website and enter one's location in order to find locations
Hello Somer, The face of the lock should have some numbers and letters on it, or just numbers. Call a locksmith in your area and give them those and they should be able to make you
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How to Find a Key for a Hon Filing Cabinet
The smaller keys are--like filing cabinet keys--the easier they are to misplace. If you have a HON filing cabinet, it's easy to get a replacement key. Maybe you bought a brand-new filing cabinet and the key got lost. Or, maybe you bought a used HON... More »
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Filing cabinets often use simple locks, so it’s possible to open them with a small, thin metal instrument such as the scraper on a nail clipper.Filing-cabinet ...
There are many different types of file cabinet keys, but you can find out which one by determining the prefix or suffix directly on the face of the key lock. By ...
Open a locked file cabinet without a key by tilting up the front of the cabinet and pushing up the lever located near the front on the bottom of the cabinet. The ...
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