How to Reset the Radio Code on a Honda Accord?


When you are resetting a radio code on a Honda Accord you will need to write down the VIN number that is located on the driver side windshield. Write down the serial number of your radio. Next, call Honda customer support and have them reset the radio using the automated service.
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1. Write down the VIN number of your vehicle. The VIN number is located on the driver side of the vehicle just behind the windshield at the base of the windshield on the dash of your
If you can't find the code listed anywhere in your owner's manual then you will need to get the serial # off the radio. With this # and proof of ownership, any Honda dealer can supply
Each Honda Accord has a unique security code. You should make note
1. Check if the car has a standard or a double-wide radio. The double height radio has a square front (image on the left) If it is a double DIN you will need an adapter kit. Ad. 2
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